Posted by: devinmoore | April 2, 2013

Why should you donate to the Multivarious Games Kickstarter?

All my life, I have been told what would not be possible.  In the fifth grade, my best friend told me I’d never be a patent holder because “anything I could think of, people were already working on”.  Fast forward 20 years, I have two patent awards and a converyor belt more of them on the way thanks to Verizon.  If you ever had someone tell you that it is not possible to achieve a dream, I’m asking for your help.

Recently I was fortunate enough to meet a bunch of very talented people here locally who all want to make video games together.  We want to prove a point to the world that ”it can’t be done in Columbus” doesn’t exist.  Columbus Ohio is considered by some to be a football/cowtown, devoid of any entrepreneurial spirit.  I disagree, and if you are from a place like that, fighting the same uphill battle, I’m asking for your help.

Games are not just a hobby for me.  They’re not just an income source for me.  I don’t want to do this cause it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do.  For me, this is personal.  As a child, I had some hard times.  There were days when I had no place else to turn to.  When those days came, I knew I could count on games for a reason to keep going.  I need to be sure that any other kid going through that has the kind of games I had available to them.  That’s why I need to make games.  If you ever experienced this from a game, I’m asking for your help.

Help us get this project on the map, help us make a statement that the internet really is the great equalizer, help us claim a small space in the industry and we will repay the favor with games that make you feel like an 8 year old who found a place he can call home, who found people he can call friends.


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