Posted by: devinmoore | November 5, 2011

Dream Escape Post Mortem

Dream Escape, it was originally supposed to be an LD game but it ended up taking too long for reasons outlined herein. Written from scratch in Java, I built a framework that allows flash-like recording of paths and associations with a set of images to create animations. The animations are controlled via time, key presses and mouse clicks, and recorded with another Java tool I wrote to record mouse gestures. The animations can all run independently and trigger each other based on the state of the game and other in-game eventgs and/or animations. Each level can be loaded independent of the tiny game container, which allows for easy porting to browser applet vs. desktop. Even though the 1-level demo is simple and the drawings crude, the engine driving it will help me quickly realize other game ideas. I believe this took just over 48 hours total but I never could have done it 48 hrs in a row, it ended up being in blocks of 4-8 hours at a time over the course of a week.


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