Posted by: devinmoore | July 16, 2010

How to make a trillion dollars

1. Save every penny working multiple crappy jobs until you have enough to go in on a franchise.

2. Reinvest every dime from that into additional paying investments.

3. With each investment, expand your income and purchase more investments.  Live as frugally as possible during this time.

4. At 1 million, start purchasing riskier, higher-profit ventures like oil futures.

5. At 10 million, begin purchasing real estate and creating high-profile rental and lease properties.

6. At 100 million, invest in solar and wind power, and with government subsidies you will become a billionaire.

7. At 1 billion, purchase vast swaths of low-risk, solid return investments globally at millions of dollars each.

8. At 100 billion dollars.  create your own bank, and leverage the open market through easy-access credit loans during tough economic times to generate a personal fortune of 1 trillion dollars.


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