Posted by: devinmoore | May 4, 2007

More upcoming book titles

I am working on several more development ideas for books.  If you are interested in assisting with the copywriting, editing, production or publishing (or rights thereto) for any of these books, please let me know.  They are all still in early stages of development.
+ Ship That Pig, Volume #2. Yet more horror stories, this well will not soon dry up!

+ Polymorphism (and the failure of meetings). How the programmer falls into a trap and makes bad decisions early on in meetings, and how to restructure meetings and information flow so this doesn’t keep happening. Complete with horrifying examples!

+ THAT is NOT Art. The psychological torture unnecessarily inflicted upon art students everywhere.

+ Aren’t you going to cry?. How society cultivates and nurtures bullies, and why we shun our best and brightest, both during their most vulnerable developmental years.


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