Posted by: devinmoore | December 21, 2006

12/21/06 Opinion: Bush implies troop level boost is imminent?

“Bush said he would only agree to a temporary troop surge if an achievable mission could be defined.”

I am curious: if a troop surge is being postponed because we don’t know what mission those troops would apply to, then what is the mission that the current troops are being applied to? I assume the “more troops” would go over there to do the same achievable mission that our army is already trying to achieve. If troops aren’t being sent because that mission isn’t achievable, then why are troops there at all?

I am only arguing with the above statement, not with the bravery of the troops or anything else like that. The president is making a very direct statement that can only be interpreted one way — either we’d have sent more troops already (mission is achievable and defined), or the current mission isn’t achievable or isn’t defined by his own rule. I assume this means that he is definitely sending more troops because he definitely thinks there is an achievable mission in Iraq.


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