Posted by: devinmoore | February 7, 2006

would you choose instant infamy?

We all know about the huge backlash against the west from Islamic militants regarding certain cartoons. An Iranian newspaper is holding a contest to solicit the most offensive holocaust cartoon possible.

So here’s the question: I know of an idea for a cartoon that will be so incredibly offensive, that it would likely solicit the kind of reaction the previous set of cartoons did, only from the western world, especially for it to come from an American under the guise of “its a freaking cartoon, get over it”. Would it ever make sense to draw such a cartoon, knowing that it being published would both make me world famous and an instant target for assassination attempts? My goal in asking is to advance the idea of a cartoon that by definition would be “too offensive to print anywhere”… what does that mean for the freedoms we take for granted? Do we have the obligation to censor certain materials or is anything fit for print?


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