Posted by: devinmoore | January 26, 2006

Affordable fashion primer for guys like myself

This advice comes from having a fashion designer girlfriend. If you don’t care about how you dress, you probably aren’t dressing well. The main reason I always had for doing this was that it was less expensive, however this is not always the case, and in fact it can be substantially cheaper to dress well if you factor in its rewards. For example, you don’t dress nice and no girls notice you, so you buy a sports car you can’t afford, because you can’t get a better job. If you dress nice, you’d both attract attention from girls and also look the part for that promotion… then you can even afford the sports car!

Dressing nice doesn’t have to cost a lot even to start, which was always my main deterrent. There are some main fashion tips you can abide by that will resolve practically any clothing purchase, so that your date’s first impression isn’t “that guy’s probably great with computers”.

1. tapered leg jeans don’t look right on almost anyone.
2. buy high-quality items on discount — which you can do practically anywhere. Last season’s Calvin Klein’s are way better than this season’s knockoffs, and will not cost much more — quite often, they’ll even be less than the “cheap” brand!
3. If it’s older than 5 years, it shouldn’t be in your regular rotation anymore, no matter how awesome it is. That doesn’t mean you have to throw it out, but your style is suffering for the memories of how cool something was 5 years ago (and even then…)
4. gross shoes will kill any outfit. Be sure that if you’re dressing nice, you either have some very clean athletic shoes, or some shoes that match the outfit.
5. If you must match sock color to something, match it to the pants, not the shoes.

Lesson: I’m sure I can post more tips later on, but that’s the basic idea. Make no mistake: being on the cutting edge of high fashion is extremely expensive and time consuming. However, with a little foresight, you can easily stay current without breaking the bank.


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