Posted by: devinmoore | January 20, 2006

Earn more by spending less

Here’s some perspective for you. When I was 23, I had:

1. become unemployed.
2. Just before I became unemployed, I moved into one of the most expensive areas in town, because I thought I could afford it.
3. Spent nearly everything on rent and the MFA program I started, so I was effectively flat broke.

Now, at 26, I have:

1. saved back nearly all of my original savings.
2. moved to an affordable but nice apartment, so i can save more
3. plan to continue MFA program in summer

All that was required is careful inventory of spending, and hard work. The lesson is to be aware of your spending, and when things are getting bad, take corrective actions and get out of debt immediately. When things are good, enjoy life but set some money aside in case things go south.


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