Posted by: devinmoore | January 17, 2006

Modern-day sword in the stone: the vending machine

Trying to get a bag of reese’s pieces to fall from a vending machine with wire-screw style mechanism is extremely difficult. Something about the way Reese’s makes the bags (without side seams) makes them prone to getting caught on the end of the wire. the bag will fall all the way over, but the end of the packaging holds on securely under the previous turn of wire. I have seen people all day leaning into the machine to drop it… they all have failed. Thinking my physical abilities might prevail, I physically lifted the entire machine from the ground and dropped it. I expected to see that candy falling, but all I got was a hearty crash noise. No free candy! It was still leaning almost completely off of the wire. I think you have to be the future king of England to get a free Reese’s pieces.


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